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When you drink water, remember the spring

Chinese proverb

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The word “hormone” is derived from the Greek word “Hormon” which means “to excite” or to “set into motion”. Hormones are the symphony orchestra of life playing a non-stop concerto of health, wellbeing, and longevity.

Hormones are essential to all of life’s processes. They regulate:

Growth: Human growth hormones

Metabolism: Thyroxine, cholecystokinin, insulin, leptin, grelin, gastrin, amylin, and secretin

Minerals: Calcitonin, parathormone, aldosterone

Reproduction: Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, oxytocin

Production of red blood cells: Erythropoietin

Blood clotting: Plasminogen

Blood pressure: Angiotensin

Sleep: Melatonin

Stress: CRH, ACTH, adrenalin

Inflammation: Cortisol

Emotions: Estrogen, testosterone, progesterone as well as two neurotransmitters that also function as hormones, serotonin and dopamine

Pain: Endorphins

Hormones: Hormones even control themselves: Somatostatin

This is but a short overview, as there are over 80 known hormones, each with a very specific mandate to promote life and wellbeing.

The very best natural therapeutic modality to regulate hormones is Chinese medicine. Each organ system in Chinese medicine has a built-in hormonal component; there are also specific meridians that are largely hormonal in nature and in function. Most of these meridians run head to toe, and pass through specific endocrine glands including the brain. These meridians with their corresponding acupoints become portals into the entire hormonal system. Add to this Chinese herbal medicine with its herbal formulas for hormonal regulation, and also Chinese osteopathy (zheng-gu/tuina) which assures the mobility and motility of the organ system, the cranial vault and the free flow and mobility of the cerebral spinal fluid, and by consequence the body’s hormones, and you have an extremely powerful and therapeutic palate for hormonal regulation. The practitioners of Immumed are government licensed in Chinese medicine and have close to forty years of clinical experience in hormonal regulation.

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