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The Immumed Philosophy

Those who have knowledge don’t predict; those who predict, don’t have knowledge.
Lao-Tzu (500 B.C – 400 B.C)

The great American psychologist Abraham Maslow once said if your only tool is a hammer, you’re forever looking for a nail. In today’s hectic society with its complexity of environmental and psycho-emotional stressors, and alarmingly increasing cancer rates and auto-immune disorders (155 according to AARDA - The American Association of Auto-immune Related Disease Association), to be trained in only one discipline may no longer prove to be therapeutically effective. Complementary medicine practitioners need to become multi-disciplinary specialists to accurately identify and access the multi-factorial nature of many of the chronic, inflammatory, immune-induced illnesses plaguing people today. The key to a successful treatment is always through an accurate assessment. The key to an accurate assessment is to be thoroughly versed in as many disciplines as possible, otherwise, the practitioner is forever looking for his therapeutic nail. This is why, at Immumed, all practitioners have a minimum of 35 years of clinical experience, are cross-trained in Chinese Medicine, (acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, medical qigong, zhenggu/tuina, Chinese 


osteopathy, yang shen fa (Chinese naturopathy) as well as the modern forms of microsystem acupuncture: scalp acupuncture and an ultra sophisticated neurological form of ear acupuncture: auricular medicine. Immumed therapists also demonstrate great skill in computerized meridian stress assessment (EAV) laser therapy and microcurrent therapy (acuscope and myopulse). Immumed therapists are also Western trained osteopaths D.O.’s, naturopaths N.D.’s and homeopaths H.M.D.’s and are able to meld the wisdom of the ancient therapies with state of the art computerized assessment and treatment modalities.

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