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Immumed – The Meaning

Father and his child

If you do not change your direction, you may end up where you are heading,
Lao-Tsu (500B.C- 400 B.C)

In the words of Canada’s National anthem “we stand on guard for thee”. Our immune system stands on guard for us 24/7, every hour, every minute, every second, every millisecond of the day, protecting us against the constant onslaught of bacteria, viruses, molds, yeasts, parasites, environmental toxins that seek to disrupt our health, weaken our bodies, bring on illness and in many cases, death. The immune system is amazingly complex; it can recognize and remember millions of different enemies, producing chemical secretions and killer cells to combat, neutralize and wipe out each and every one of these invaders.


The secret of the immune system’s success is an elaborate and dynamic communication network with millions upon millions of cells organized into sets and sub sets that will immediately respond to an immune alarm, undergo tactical changes, unleashing an armada of killer cells and powerful chemicals to seek and destroy.

The key components to the immune system are:

The thymus gland
The lymphatic system
White blood cells
The spleen
The bone marrow
The mucous membranes of respiratory and gastro intestinal systems
The microbiome - our intestinal flora – as well as all the friendly bacteria living on our skin and in our mucous membranes

According to AARDA, the American Auto-Immune Related Diseases Association, there are now approximately 155 illness directly related to the dysfunction of the immune system. Even chronic Lyme disease is now classified as an auto-immune disorder.

If we use the watch dog analogy, the immune system can have three possible dysfunctions:
It can be deficient:

  • A watch dog that is disinterested in intruders and prefers to sleep.

It can be hyper reactive.

  • A watch dog that barks at anything, even a passing fly.

It can attack its host.

  • A watch dog that attacks its owner, not being able to tell the difference between owner and an intruder, that is an immune system that can not distinguish between self and non-self. 

Without doubt, the major key to “health for life”, incredible vitality and longevity is a solid, healthy immune system.

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