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Why Choose Immumed

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Ongoing education

Continuing education is our foremost priority. With the rapid explosion of medical and technical know-how on manual and computerized assessments, and therapeutic possibilities, education is without doubt the most powerful antidote to therapeutic stagnation.

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  • Immumed therapists are University educated, holding graduate and post graduate degrees in Pure and Applied Sciences, Physical Education, Biology and the Humanistic Arts.

  • Immumed therapists have specialized diplomas in Naturopathic Medicine (ND), Osteopathic Medicine (DO) and Homeopathic Medicine (HMD).

  • Immumed therapists hold specialized diplomas and certificates in Chinese and Oriental Medicine: Classical Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Gua sha, Cupping, Medical Qi Gong, Chinese Therapeutic Massage (Tuina), Chinese Manipulative Medicine (Zheng gu) and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

  • Immumed therapists are internationally trained in microsystem or holographic acupuncture (auricular medicine and auricular therapy, Japanese and Chinese scalp acupuncture, and Tung acupuncture).

  • Immumed therapists have received specialized and ongoing training in computerized cold laser therapy, computerized Microcurrent Acupuncture and computerized meridian stress assessment.


Each Immumed therapist has over 35 years of uninterrupted clinical experience, treating chronic, inflammatory, and degenerative disorders, autoimmune disorders, neurological disorders, skin disorders, respiratory disorders, children’s disorders, men and women’s issues and of course acute and chronic pain.


Immumed clinic is ideally situated on the waterfront in historic old Aylmer in an 1840 stone house with the incredible character which only a historic stone building can have; lots of light, and private, intimate, sound-proof treatment rooms with heated treatment tables.
Coffee, tea, herbal tea are available at all times, of course on the house.

Out of respect to our patients with MCS, multiple chemical sensitivities, Immumed is a perfume, synthetic odor and synthetic cleaning product free environment.

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Not only are Immumed therapists empathetic, compassionate, attentive and caring, but thanks to an emergency hotline, they also remain available to patients 24/7.


Immumed is a result oriented clinic. The best testimonial of Immumed therapeutic results are the 9500 plus patient files, the majority of which have come to Immumed as referrals.


Immumed therapists are licensed and regulated by the Quebec Government and the Quebec office of professions.

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