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Andrew Kozlowski, Co-founder of Immumed

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If you’re going through hell, keep going.

Winston Churchill (1874-1964)

A licensed practitioner with close to forty years of clinical practice; University educated: McGill, Carleton University, Ottawa University, holding graduate and post graduate degrees and diplomas in Western Naturopathic, Osteopathic, and Homeopathic Medicines as well as in classical and traditional Chinese Medicine, [Herbal Medicine, Medical Qi Gong, Therapeutic Massage (Tuina) and Chinese Manipulative Medicine (Zheng-gu)], Andrew’s therapeutic focus is on Bioregulation or Biological Regulation, the golden key to optimal health, longevity, and the treatment of Acute and Chronic Pain.

Biological Regulation using laser acupuncture and classical acupuncture 

Bioregulation assures optimal cellular and intra-cellular communication, as well as optimal physiological and metabolic function of the human body’s vital organ systems: The digestive and metabolic system, the respiratory system, the circulatory system, the musculoskeletal system, the osteoarticular system, the hormonal system, the nervous system, the detox system and finally the lymphatic and immune systems. It is the ultimate preventive treatment. Bioregulation is a must for anyone suffering from acute and chronic disorders; it is also highly recommended for healthy patients especially at the change of seasons: spring, when the earth’s energies are rising to nourish new growth, summer when temperatures and humidity are high and often intolerable, autumn, when the earth’s energies return to the roots of trees and plants, and mid-winter when the nights are long and the days are cold. Although we live in heated and/or air cooled environments, our bodies are still subject to the cycles of nature, with their constant stresses on health associated with these cycles. Looking back, it has been Andrew’s clinical experience over his 40 years of practice that patients who have regular bioregulation treatments have stronger immune systems and rarely get sick.

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A member of the multidisciplinary team at the Pain Clinic in what was then the Hull General Hospital and is now the “Centre Hospitalier des Vallées de l’Outaouais”, a clinic which unfortunately no longer exists due to budget cuts. For Andrew this experience was a therapeutic descent into the world of pain as he came face to face with suffering in all its forms and manifestations, an experience which has become Andrew’s therapeutic obsession: helping rid his patients of pain.

Then in 2013, due to a moment of inattention, Andrew slipped and fell on a very sharp rock and split the neck of his femur, a clean 45 degree break. Surgery, three long screws, a week in the hospital, three months in a wheel chair, excruciating daily pain, Andrew learned that vascular necrosis had set in, possibly due to the screws, damaging the blood supply to the bone. The orthopedic surgeon suggested a total hip replacement. Not an option for Andrew as over the years he had been treating patients with severe chronic pain after hip replacements.

Andrew scheduled himself into his own clinic and began a series of cold laser treatments, not only to reduce pain, but also to regenerate damaged blood vessels and to help replace the necrotic tissues no longer nourishing the bone. With weekly laser treatments, Andrew soon progressed from walking a very short distance with the help of a cane and constant pain, especially at night, to intermittent pain during the day, no pain at night, and to being able to walk over a kilometer with minimal pain and no cane. As Andrew continues to receive his weekly laser treatments at Immumed, including Acupuncture, Homeopathic, and Chinese Herbal treatments, improvements are constant.

Having experienced firsthand severe chronic pain, Andrew is relentless in his efforts to rid patients of their unwanted companion, pain. To this end, Andrew has been instrumental in Immumed’s heavy investment in state of the art fiber optic laser technologies, as well as computerized microcurrent systems, powerful adjuncts to Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and the very effective manual therapies of Western and Chinese Osteopathic Medicine.

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Ever on the lookout for clinically proven and clinically effective pain treatment modalities, Immumed remains positioned at the cutting edge, of complementary, non-pharmaceutical pain treatment modalities.

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