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Acupuncture, a natural and effective solution for your ailments

The daily pressure and the rhythm of life to which we face every day are the sources of many ills and unfortunately, have a terrible impact on our health. Fortunately, the immune naturotherapists at IMMUMED Preventive and Complementary Medicine suggest that you remedy these ailments through acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine that helps the proper functioning of an individual's health by stimulating specific points in the body with delicate, sterile needles. This method of treatment is devoid of the use of substances harmful to the body and helps to boost your immune system. 

Our team of professionals uses this revolutionary method for the treatment of many diseases and disorders. Acupuncture has positive effects on the immune, nervous, digestive, endocrine and cardiovascular systems.


If you want to experience the benefits of acupuncture, do not hesitate to contact our team.

Classical acupuncture

There is no better way to get you back on your feet than classical acupuncture. Not only has it been practiced for centuries in the East, but it is continuously being improved and perfected by modern acupuncturists. If chronic pain has been gnawing at you for years, if your health condition is worsening, consider classical acupuncture.


At IMMUMED, you will have a wide range of classical acupuncture choices:

Five Element and Japanese Meridian Acupuncture


Gua Sha

Zheng gu and Tuina

Cupping (Hijama)

Complementary therapies to acupuncture

Staying with the same vision of improving your immune system and your health through acupuncture, the naturotherapists of Immumed in Gatineau use therapies that help prevent and treat existing diseases.


The therapies we refer to are:

- Chinese herbal medicine, which consists of treating the patient with Chinese herbal medicines.

- Medical Qi gong is a premature anti-ageing therapy. It helps strengthen the immune system while helping to prevent and treat existing diseases.

- Yang Shen Fa is a naturopathic medicine which consists of prevention against the disease by applying natural treatments by improving the diet, and the prescription of light exercises and a proper breathing technique.

Holographic acupuncture of microsystems

This method uses the same instructions as acupuncture. In North America, a few people master it, but our team is fortunate to have Christine Kozlowski, an expert who will help you treat and improve your health through the ear canal. The methods used in microsystem holographic acupuncture aim to heal the patient by targeting the brain, the organ to which multiple glands and organs in our body are connected.


- Auricular Medicine consists of reaching the acupuncture points of the brain through the ear using a laser, a magnet with weak electrical stimulation or with needles to start the healing process.

- Neurological Scalp Acupuncture: the simulation of the areas of the scalp located directly above the affected areas of the brain, with needles or a laser beam. This method helps in the treatment of psychological illnesses and neurological disorders. This method is not only an excellent neurological therapy but also affordable for everyone.


Microsystems holographic acupuncture requires knowledge of science and expertise when used to treat a patient. The Immumed team located in Gatineau will be happy to assist you in the healing process, contact our doctors if you need more information.

Modern computerized Acupuncture

At Immumed Acupuncture, our naturotherapists in Chinese medicine proceed by consulting with the patient to localize the affected organs or tissues to prescribe the treatment best suited to their condition. Modern computerized acupuncture practiced by our team consists of:


- Microcurrent acupuncture: this method consists of the electrical reading of signals from internal organs at acupuncture points to detect diseases likely to occur in the future and prevent generator diseases. It also helps rebalance the immune system, the electromagnetic energy field of human tissue.

- Laser acupuncture is the use of low-intensity laser light to repair tissue, reduce pain, regenerate skin and heal wounds.

Immumed Acupuncture makes it a point of honour to respond to customers' different concerns about the various services available to them, so do not hesitate to contact our experts.

Acupuncture is now a method used all over the world before achieving healing and relief from the ailments that plague our health. It has not only shown its usefulness in healing sick people, but also it helps to relax and protect our body through various methods. But it is important to emphasize that it should only be practiced by experts to ensure patient safety. Make an appointment with Immune doctors to cure the problem at the source and regain your Energy.

Acupuncture in Gatineau

Our team wishes to improve the health and well-being of people residing in Gatineau with acupuncture methods.

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